When you book a ride on The Blue Wave Express, we ask you to confirm that your voter's registration is up to date. In fact, this is compulsory, and your reservation will not be confirmed until you make sure that your registration is current and your registered address as shown by Pima County matches the address that you listed as your "Registration Address" when you submitted your reservation request on this site.

There are several good reasons for this requirement:

  1. Your polling place is determined by the address that is on your voter's registration -- not your current address. So if you have moved since you last voted, there is a good possibility that these addresses do not match.  So if this is the case for you, when you filled out your "Registration Address"  on this website, we probably looked up the wrong precinct and we would end up taking you to a polling place where you cannot vote.
  2. If you are on the list of voters who vote by mail, and for some reason, you didn't get the green envelope with your ballot inside into the mail by this past Monday, you can still vote, but most likely you'll have to cast a provisional ballot. (Google it!).

As you might imagine, either of these issues might cause significant delays, so please do your homework BEFORE you hop in The Blue Wave Express!


You can check up on these issues here:

Pima County Recorder's Office